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You provide legalized extract from the commercial register and power of attorney to the Certification Authority, CA provides translation into Russian and notarization of translator's signature .

To receive the service you need to do the following:

  1. Pay for the service according to invoice:
  2. Translation from English, German, Ukrainian languages >>>

    Translation from Turkish language >>>

    Translation from other languages >>>

    Attention! >>> Contract for payment.

    If you need to provide a signed contract to the bank for payment, save, print and fill out this contract. If payment is made under that contract – you must provide it to the CA.

  3. Submit scan of extract, power of attorney, and a document confirming payment for services provided by the CA, indicating the telephone contact number for preliminary examination to the email
  4. Receive conformation of documents correctness from CA specialist.
  5. Send original documents by post or deliver them in person.
  6. 220099, Республика Беларусь, г. Минск, ул. Казинца, д. 2, к. 402.

  7. Following documents will be sent to you by post:
    • contract for services (2 copies);
    • act of services rendered (2 copies).
  8. Attention!

    Countersign the documents and send the, the duplicate of contract for services , the duplicate of Act of services rendered to the postal address of the Certifying Authority "BUCE" within 3 days after receiving the set of documents.

  9. To find more information on how to obtain digital signature, please click here.

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