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Unitary enterprise «BUCE«Certification Authority» receives proposals, applications, complaints and other appeals on working days from 9-00 to 18-00.

Authors are notified in writing or verbally about where their applications are sent, as well as their outcome.

Appeals are considered within one month from the date of registration, and those that do not require further investigation and verification, - not later than fifteen days from the date of registration, unless otherwise established by the legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus. When the need for special examination or request for additional information time for consideration of the application may be extended by the director of Certification Authority, his deputies, but not more than one month from the notification of the person or legal entity.

Written applications of physical person must include:

  • the name and address of Certification Authority; 
  • name, patronymic of the individual; 
  • information about his place of residence and (or) work (study); 
  • essence of the application (proposal, complaints); 
  • personal signature of the applicant.

Appeals of legal entities must contain:

  • the name and address of Certification Authority;
  • full name of the legal entity and its legal address; 
  • essence of appeal;
  • surname, first name, middle name and signature of the head or a person authorized to sign the appeal, stamped by legal entity.

Applications by representatives of legal entities, must contain their credentials documents, duly certified.

Anonymous applications will not be considered, except for appeals that contain information about the impending, or perpetrated crime.

Treatment of citizens and legal persons requiring to report the results of considering the application, will be put under control.

Control over the consideration of appeals by citizens and legal entities id carried out by Director of Certification Authority.


Book of comments and suggestions is located in office 414.


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